McLove is in the Air: McDonald's Is Hosting Weddings

McLove is in the Air: McDonald's Is Hosting Weddings
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McLove is in the Air: McDonald's Is Hosting Weddings

Catch some amazing photos from a McDonald's engagement party in Hong Kong and learn more about weddings at the fast food chain!

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The McDonald's weddings in Hong Kong have become so popular that they have expanded their celebrations to include engagement parties, anniversaries, bridal showers and birthdays!

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Kelvin Kwong and Ashley Tse, newly engaged, share a romantic ketchup-filled kiss at their 2010 wedding engagement party, hosted by McDonald's.

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Friends and family of the soon-to-be bride and groom show support and love while gulping down some McDonald's favorites!

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On this special occasion, the food comes right to you! Waitresses serve up hot, classic McDonald's meals to all the guests.

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This wedding extravaganza would not be complete without a McDonald's themed boutonniere for the groom to wear. It's out with fresh flowers and in with this McDonald's ribbon-adorned accessory!

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This couple shows what love truly is at this unique yet adorable wedding celebration!

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Now, are you thinking about heading to Hong Kong to get married at McDonald's? Just be aware that you'll find some different foods there. McDonald's Hong Kong has a diverse menu including, rice entrees, pasta dishes and desserts.

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Added Bonus: Weddings and other celebrations are great to have at McDonald's because they are super kid-friendly!

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Can't make it to Hong Kong? Find restaurants in the States that can help you have your fantasy wedding. Look at this couple in Las Vegas, who celebrated with a wedding cake made from hamburgers!

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Fast-food obsessed soon-to-be brides and grooms in the U.S. will be green with envy of the weddings being held in Hong Kong. Those getting married in that city have the option to host the wedding at McDonald's! According to CNBC, there was such a large demand for McDonald's-hosted weddings in 2011 that the brand created a wedding party program.

The fast food heaven offers two variations of the events, including the deluxe version and the bargain option. If couples spring for the deluxe, they will have the venue for two hours with a maximum of 50 party guests. The package even includes McDonald's balloon themed wedding rings and a bridal bouquet. Since the venue is far from ordinary, the same goes for the wedding cake, which is a huge apple pie cake display. The total for the deluxe package is a lot more than an item off the dollar menu. It comes out to $1,290 to host the magical event.

The program is currently only available in Hong Kong, but we are hoping the idea will spread! The McDonald's branches willing to host weddings in Hong Kong have already leaped from 3 to 15, so our guess is that it is only a matter of time before the opportunity hits the States. A spokeswoman from McDonald's told CNBC that some customers like the idea of the wedding taking place there because it's where they met. It is a great way to celebrate their relationship and love in a place where it all began.

Check out the slideshow above to see photos from a McDonald's event. Then, head to our friends at Style Me Pretty for their favorite places to say "I do" this summer.

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