McDonald's Tests a 60-Second Drive-Thru

McDonald's Tests a 60-Second Drive-Thru

In a world where customers can expect information with the click of a button, McDonald's is now trying to keep up with the fast pace of expectations by increasing the efficiency of their drive-thru.

In South Florida, the Golden Arches began testing an even speedier drive-thru that will have those McFlurries and Quarter Pounders ready in 60 seconds or less. These special lunch orders occur between noon and 1 p.m. To test the efficiency, the customers receive timers after they have placed their orders. Once the order has been completed, the customer returns the timer. If the order doesn't arrive in one minute or less, the customer receives a free lunch item during their next visit. McDonald's plans to continue testing in South Florida from now until August 29th, Monday through Friday, according to the Miami Herald.

Do you think this kind of efficiency will be the next "super size" or Happy Meal? This comes at a time when McDonald's is trying to maintain its status as the inventor of breakfast fast food and the provider of food for 68 million people all over the world on an increasingly competitive fast food scene.

McDonald's might be trying to get ahead of a recent trend of fast food chains growing slower. According to a recent study, the fast-food drive-thru has actually grown slower over the years, dropping from 190 seconds in 2012 to 204 seconds in 2013. According to Time, the chains may have slowed down in their food preparation because menus have expanded and many restaurants offer customizable options to customers now.

Image Credit: Getty Images