McDonald's Makes Fun of Foodies in Latest Commercial

McDonald's Makes Fun of Foodies in Latest Commercial

McDonald's has been in the headlines a lot lately. The fast food behemoth recently announced it would be getting rid of a litany of its menu items. This announcement comes not too long after McDonald's unleashed a campaign that allowed its customers to ask questions about the origins of its ingredients and more. Now a new ad campaign from the fast food chains seems to mock folks who are health-conscious or just foodies.

The new ad starts by directly addressing "vegetarians, foodies and gastronauts" and asking them to look away from a massive close-up of a Big Mac. The voiceover ads that quinoa and soy will never be as juicy as a the well-known burger for a pretty in-your-face statement.

As part of the new ad campaign, "A little more lovin' can change a lot," McDonald's sure has become a bit derisive even though the company is trying out a new strategy with an emphasis on the "love" part of its slogan. The new ad certainly demonstrates its deep love for the Big Mac, but very much at the expense of people who enjoy eating healthy foods. For this reason, the ad has been met with some criticism.

In addition to changing up its marketing strategy, McDonald's will also change up its signs, packaging and even the uniforms that the employees wear.

Watch the video above to learn more about the controversial new McDonald's ad.

Image Credit: McDonald's