McDonald's Cutting 8 Menu Items

McDonald's Cutting 8 Menu Items

Get your fill of your favorite McDonald's food—the fast food giant just announced it will cut eight menu items in January in hopes of improving service and boosting sales.

Which items are on the cutting board? It's not yet clear what will be taken off the menu, but the company's leaders say sacrifices have to be made in order to improve customer service. CEO Don Thompson reportedly said the current menu, which has grown 70 percent in the last seven years, is causing longer wait times. Let's not flip out just yet, because the Big Mac is probably not going anywhere.

A McDonald's representative said that the company could cut down the number of quarter pounders with cheese, premium chicken sandwiches and/or snack wraps (all three of which appear multiple times on the current menu) as examples, reports CNBC.

In addition to cutting menu items, McDonald's will reduce the number of extra value meals from 11 to 16, reports Market Watch. The fast food chain also plans to improve the quality of its food by studying every ingredient and reviewing different cooking and holding techniques.

The company will also introduce the "Create Your Taste" program similar to Subway's, where customers can build their own burgers and chicken items using tablet computers to choose toppings. The program is expected to roll out to 2,000 restaurant locations next year.

Watch the video to learn more about the menu changes at McDonald's.

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