Mario Batali's Favorite Tailgating Tips

Mario Batali's Favorite Tailgating Tips
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Mario Batali's Favorite Tailgating Tips

Read on discover chef and die-hard New York Jets fan Mario Batali's favorite tailgating tips!

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Tailgate Must-Have Foods

No ifs, ands or buts—the two things Mario Batali says every tailgate must have are beef and beer.

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What to Cook Beforehand

"I would say you can pre-cook anything with pasta, but never fish," advises Mario. "Anything stewed or long cooked, do in advance and reheat."

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When to Get to the Tailgate

To make the most of your tailgate experience, Mario Batali shares this simple advice: "Arrive as early as possible, and tailgate until the food runs out!"

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Time-Saving Trick

Mario Batali's best advice is to prepare as much food as you can in advance. That way, you're not left feeling frazzled on game day.

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Essential Grilling Tip

Make sure to bring extra coal and lighter fluid. "Someone always forgets this," Mario says.

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Go-To Tailgate Drink

You may not expect to find spicy bloody mary cocktails at a tailgate, but that's the drink of choice for Mario at his parties!

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Common Tailgating Mistake

"Not bringing enough ice!" Mario says. Make sure you have plenty on hand to keep your food and drinks chilled.

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Ultimate Tailgate Dish

Mario Batali is a die-hard New York Jets fan, so we were curious what he would describe as the tailgate dish that best represents his favorite team. "Knishes," he answered. "They’re not doing that well this year… a little slow and sticky."

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Best Tailgate Mario Has Ever Been To

Mario Batali enjoys NASCAR tailgating because the events can be several days long. "We were at one in Texas and there was a place that, at midnight, rolled out a dance floor with a Zydeco band and started serving gumbo for about two hours," he recalls.

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You may know chef Mario Batali for his traditional style of Italian cooking and for his cookbooks (his latest cookbook, America Farm to Table, hit shelves earlier this month), but have you met his other passion: tailgating?

Coming hot off his latest gig as the host of New York City Wine and Food Festival's event, Jets + Chefs: The Ultimate Tailgate, Mario Batali shares his best advice about tailgating, including the most common tailgating mistake, the two foods that absolutely must be at every tailgate and his surprising tailgate drink of choice.

Check out the slideshow above to discover Mario Batali's favorite tips for tailgating. Then, learn 11 things you didn't know about the chef and restaurateur, find out what's his essential grocery list and check out his guide to buying locally grown foods!

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