Mario Batali's Essential Grocery List

Mario Batali's Essential Grocery List
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Mario Batali's Essential Grocery List

Read on to discover the items on Mario Batali's grocery list!

On-Hand Produce

Mario always has fresh herbs in his pantry, but that's not all. He keeps jicama on hand too, which he recommends as a great snack with hot sauce!

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Must-Have Pantry Items

Mario says that he would never allow his pantry to run out of hot sauce, extra virgin olive oil and Maldon sea salt.

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Flavorful Spices

Like any good chef, Mario keeps flavorful spices on hand in his kitchen. Red chili flakes and freshly cracked black pepper are two of his must-haves!

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Cooking Liquids

Cooking liquids are essential for a number of dishes, so it comes as no surprise that Mario can't live without homemade stock and water in his kitchen.

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His Most Surprising Food Item

You'll never guess which surprising food Mario keeps in his kitchen: Nestle Quik!

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His Least Favorite Ingredient

The one ingredient Mario would never have around? Durian, a fruit that's notorious for its smell!

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His Go-To Weeknight Meal

Ever have one of those nights where you need to whip up something you're familiar with quickly? For Mario, that go-to weeknight meal is skirt steak with quinoa salad.

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One Tip Every Home Cook Should Know

When it comes to stocking your kitchen with ingredients, Mario recommends that home cooks always try to buy fresh and local ingredients, if possible!

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Mario Batali is known for his global network of restaurants, numerous cookbooks and of course, Eataly, where shoppers and diners delight in a mix of fresh Italian ingredients. It's no surprise that the celebrated chef knows what goes into making a good dish, and in his latest book, America Farm to Table, Mario celebrates American farmers and the high-quality products they provide to consumers across the country. These ingredients are showcased in mouthwatering recipes throughout the book.

Lucky for us, Mario shared his essential grocery list with Kitchen Daily. From the produce he always has stocked to the pantry items he won't allow himself to run out of, this list will help you shop like Mario (and cook like him, too)!

Check out the slideshow above to discover the items Mario has on his grocery list. Then, discover 11 things you didn't know about the chef and restaurateur, his guide to locally-grown foods in America and his favorite tailgating tips!

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