Mario Batali Dishes on His New Book 'America Farm to Table'

Mario Batali Dishes on His New Book 'America Farm to Table'


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Celebrated chef and restaurateur Mario Batali knows what goes into making a good dish. In his latest book, America Farm to Table, Batali celebrates American farmers and the high-quality products they provide to consumers across the country. These ingredients are showcased in mouthwatering recipes throughout the cookbook, and Batali visited AOL BUILD to discuss buying local foods, his favorite seasonal produce and more!

Mario explained that the quickest way to create delicious food is to buy the right ingredients. "If you're buying something and you're actually going to put into your loved one's body, it should probably be the one thing you scrutinize the most, and not the least," Mario shared.

The world-renowned chef and founder of Eataly also explained that what farm to table means is that you're really concentrating your efforts on creating good, fulfilling, nourishing and politically correct food. "It would be good for all of us if we really understand that," Mario said.

Mario also explained that the flaw of most American home cooks is that they generally consult a recipe book first, and then go out to the store. What he suggests instead is that you go to the store to buy the best, least expensive and most seasonal ingredients, and then going home and figure out how to use those ingredients in the recipes you have.

Watch the video above to see Mario discuss his new cookbook and more at AOL BUILD!

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