Make Nuts More Alluring

Make Nuts More Alluring

"When you use multiple versions of one ingredient, it makes a difference! We do a lot of blending with spices that way. These aren't just one-note or two-note flavors."

Meet Lynn Sterett and Joan Kass, the co-founders of The Well Dressed Nut, a 3-year old, premium, artisan nut company based in Tenafly, NJ. I will admit, I'm not the biggest nut person. I rarely crave them. In fact, I don't seek them out. Nuts, in general, don't make it into my pantry as a snack. So, when I came across The Well Dressed Nut, it's not that I was skeptical, I guess you could say, I was just going through the motions of story research. I wasn't thinking too much about it, UNTIL I took that first bite: CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. Immediately, my brain and tastebuds kicked in: what's that flavor, and THAT spice? What IS that? That hot, peppery kick in the back end of the bite, that's new. That's interesting. All these flavors, woke me up. It was a nice change. And, they have a nice story.

Lynn and Joan don't come from the food world. They originally met, and became close friends, selling beauty products in New York City for twenty years. After they left their careers, they still wanted to work together. They searched and brainstormed ideas for awhile, hoping to find something fun and challenging, until one day, after one too many dinner parties, an idea fell NUT-urally into their lap. haha.

Check out the video playlist above to hear more about their story and about how they make those delectable nuts!

Image Credit: Getty Images