Make a Cake in Less Than 30 Minutes

Make a Cake in Less Than 30 Minutes

A cake in a skillet? A cake with a few instructions that's easy to whip together and that bakes in less than 30 minutes? A cake that looks as rustic as it sounds but tastes more delicious than its counterparts? That, my friends, is a Skillet Chocolate Sheet Cake! It can be whisked together while you are cooking dinner and baked in the oven while you are eating. Easy Peasy!

Repeat after me: YOU MUST HAVE ICE CREAM WITH THIS! Say it again! YOU MUST HAVE ICE CREAM WITH THIS! OK, good. Glad we are on the same page.

This is not any ordinary chocolate cake. It is a sheet cake with a rich, sinful crunchy glaze/topping that just melts in your mouth. The cake itself has a texture similar to a brownie, and the topping is reminiscent of chocolate powdered sugar with a crunch. Sounds funny, huh? But that is exactly what I feel like I am eating with every bite. The glaze is sugary, sweet, nutty and crunchy from the walnuts. It's simple, silky and delicious. Take my word for it: This will change your life!

I actually do two types of desserts in my good old cast iron skillet: A chocolate chip cookie and this cake. The chocolate chip cookie is divine and over-the-top, but that recipe seems to be floating around the web a little too much lately, so I opted to share my skillet sheet cake with you instead. If you are not into chocolate (the horror), then by all means, omit the cocoa and use extra vanilla and maybe hints of almond extract, orange or lemon flavors to give the sheet cake a nice fresh taste. Now don't be alarmed in the process of making this cake when you realize that your wet and dry ingredients are not quite coming together in a nice orderly fashion. The first time I made a skillet cake, I thought I had done something wrong or missed a step because once I added in my egg, the mixture was so small and lumpy. I learned to just go with it! Keep forging and whisking and push/spread out the batter to the edges of the pan and pat it down. I can't promise it will look perfect, but I can promise that you haven't messed up, and the end result will be extraordinary.

Get the recipe for this Skillet Chocolate Sheet Cake.

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