Magic Tricks You Can Do With Fruit

Magic Tricks You Can Do With Fruit

It's not the wildest statement to call fruit magical. Eating a diet filled with fruit and veggies is considered healthy by nearly all experts. It's no wonder, since fruits contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and many can even help to prevent a host of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

In addition to being naturally low in fat, sodium and often calories, fruit is just delicious! Still unsure if fruit is magical? The video above demonstrates how to turn fruit into a delicious magic trick. You can actually break an apple in half with force applied by just your two hands! Just apply pressure to the top and the bottom of the fruit and it will break into two pieces. This trick is sure to impress your friends and colleagues.

Fruit can even be used in a decorative manner. If you ever need a candle and have an orange in your fridge, you'll be in luck. Cut an orange in half the right way, leaving you with just the round peel totally in tact. Make sure to leave the stringy center part behind since this will act as the wick. Pour a little bit of oil into the orange, and then carefully light the wick.

With the help of a pin, you can cut your own banana slices while the fruit is still inside the peel! Your breakfast just got that much more efficient.

That's not all fruit can do either. You'll never believe how to slice a watermelon in half with just a coin. Watch the video above to learn magic tricks you can do with fruit. Then, check out the slideshow below to learn which fruits are the best for you, and which are the worst!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed