This Machine Could Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

This Machine Could Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee
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This Machine Could Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Read on to learn more about making the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee enthusiasts Barb and Doug Garrott have created a hand-cranked coffee grinder that could greatly impact the morning routines of coffee drinkers.

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The Garrots created the Lido 2, which is already in high demand and has sold out of the first 500 units on preorder.

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Back in 2002, the Garrots set out on a quest to make a great cup of coffee at home. They looked through eBay and searched through coffee forums online for advice, but had no luck. Fortunately, their failed quest was the catalyst for the launch of their own company, Orphan Espresso.

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The Garrots created Orphan Espresso to repair vintage espresso machines. Throughout their search for great coffee makers, they found that it was difficult to replace the parts from old fashioned and vintage machines.

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The Garrotts picked a great time to get involved with homemade coffee. The popularity of home brewing has grown more popular in recent years.

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In the coffee world, it is common knowledge that the coffee grinder has a massive impact on the drink's flavor.

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Unimpressed with the grinders on the market, Barb and Doug set out to make their own. Barb told NPR, "It started out as a winter project to stave off the boredom."

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The size of the coffee grinds essentially determines the coffee's flavor, according to the National Coffee Association. Ground too finely, the coffee could be bitter; ground too coarsely, the coffee could taste flat.

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The Garrotts made their own machine in 2011. They sold 1,500 grinders to coffee lovers on coffee forums.

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Hand grinders are popular because they cost much less than motorized ones. Certain coffee enthusiasts even say that the beans taste different when hand ground versus automatically ground.

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According to Benjamin Brewer, the director of Blue Bottle Coffee, says that switching from a poor grinder to a good one makes a huge difference in terms of flavor. He says, "It's like, oh, we can actually taste the coffee now!"

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The Lido 2 costs $175 and is made with details that ensure better bean consistency than many other hand grinders.

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For coffee enthusiasts, there's nothing like a hot cup of joe.

Coffee has been touted for its health benefits and also criticized for its potential health detriments, but either way, it's a widely enjoyed ritual and beverage. Two inventors in Idaho love coffee so much that they have spent years creating a machine to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Hint: it has everything to do with the process of grinding the beans.

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about making the perfect cup of coffee.

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