Love Gold So Much You Could Eat It?

Love Gold So Much You Could Eat It?
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Love Gold So Much You Could Eat It?

Check out some over-the-top gold-leafed foods from across the country and discover some other great golden foods to make for a Golden Globes viewing party!

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At this year's Golden Globes, Executive Chef Suki Sugiura and Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi will serve a dessert trio featuring Cappuccino Mousse Dome, Orange Sanguine and Chocolate Salted Caramel with gold-leafing at the Beverly Hilton.

Image credit: The Beverly Hilton

This piece of sushi, served with gold leaf, was given top honors at the 'Seven Sushi Samurai' Sushi of the Year awards in London in 2009.

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New York City's 666 Burger crafted a $666 gold-leaf burger, which has been deemed one of the world's most expensive hamburgers. Its price reflects more than its six-sheets of gold leaf. The extreme burger also boasts lobster, caviar and truffles.

Image credit: CNN/Born Rich

Another New York City spot, Serendipity 3, offers a Guinness World Record-breaking sundae replete with gold leaf for a whopping $1,000, making it the most expensive Sundae when it emerged in 2004.

Image credit: Serendipity 3

Part of Los Angeles-based chocolatier Valerie Confections's Bittersweet Chocolate Petits Fours collection, its Champagne Rich butter cake bites are topped with 23-karat gold.

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Perhaps the only thing more covetable than gold itself are gold-leafed foods. These lavish, pricey plates are stunning, and most importantly, their real golden flakes are often edible.

Edible gold leaf is measured as if it were traditional gold -- in karats. Most edible gold that often tops candy, cakes or ice cream, comes in at around 23- or 24-karats and can be wildly expensive.

According to Gold Gourmet, leaves of edible gold are tasteless, not surprising as they are only around 1/8,000mm thin. And, no matter how decadent the dish, these gilded embellishments are calorie-free.

Check out the slideshow above for unbelievable gold-leafed foods from around the world.

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