Labor Day Menu Guide


Labor Day is about gathering around the barbecue and feasting with friends and family. While a summer barbecue is a simple feat for many, we've done some digging on The Daily Meal to come up with a few essential recipes to make your Labor Day celebration a culinary masterpiece. View the slideshow above for a full menu guide!

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If you're a traditionalist who loves a good rack of ribs, our Chocolate-Chipotle recipe will be sure to get the taste buds singing. Or, a decadent Lobster Salad BLT made with savory cream cheese biscuits is a great way to add some elegance to a summer sandwich, and a fun addition to any holiday picnic. For the vegetarians, a sweet potato recipe is not only a filling dish but a festive one as well, and pickled cauliflower and a sweet pickle relish recipe are great additions to our buttery hamburger recipe or to a classic hot dog.

No matter where you'll be or who you'll be with, it's important to make sure your Labor Day meal is a memorable one. Whether you're flipping a burger or serving an old-time favorite like pasta salad, these recipes will be sure to make your holiday tasty.

Check out the slideshow above for Labor Day recipes.

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