In The Kitchen With Claire Thomas

In The Kitchen With Claire Thomas
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In The Kitchen With Claire Thomas

Read on to learn more which kitchen items Claire Thomas avoids and for more on her well-curated L.A. kitchen.

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Most Unusual Kitchen Element

“I’m a borderline hoarder. I have an obnoxious amount of vintage glassware,” Claire Thomas explains.

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Where To Find Glassware

“I love flea markets and I love eBay," Claire offers. "The trick to eBay is knowing what you are looking for."

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Favorite Glassware

“I have a very specific niche," admits Claire. "I love vintage glassware tumblers from the 30s and 40s. I also collect depression glass, specifically pink Persian glass from the 30s and early 40s. I love milk glass.”

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Power of Collecting

“My dad is a big collector. I immediately gravitated toward his color palette and the delicate, but sturdy nature of depression glass, Claire says. "The pink depression glass is one of my favorite things because my favorite color in the world is a glass of rose. You just can't replicate it. What I love about depression glass is that it [is similar to that]."

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Vintage Cookbooks

“I'm an obsessive vintage cookbook collector,” shares Claire.

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Favorite Vintage Cookbook

Two of Claire's favorite cookbooks are Caroline B. Piercy's The Shaker Cook Book and Emily Post's How to Behave Though a Debutante. "I highlight vintage recipes all the time on the blog.”

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Essential Ingredients

“Sriracha without a doubt (it goes with everything) and garlic, butter and olive oil," she explains. "I go through a god awful amount of unsalted butter. I always use unsalted because I want to control the saltiness."

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Inside In The Freezer

“I always have ice cubes," admits Claire. "I bought fancy ice cube trays and they are the perfect cubes if you are going to be making cocktails. Right now [I have] quite a bit of pie crust in there, so I can defrost and roll it out easily. I have frozen bananas for smoothies to use instead of the ice.“

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Essential Cooking Tools

“I have one Le Creuset pot [that] I use way too much," explains Claire. "I only like kitchen gadgets and tools that are multi-purpose. The Dutch oven I use to cook flat bread, roast a chicken, to make a braised dish, soup, [or] to fry French fries.”

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

A Seasonal Kitchen

“In the fall and winter time [my refrigerator] definitely gets a little emptier," she says. "There are not a ton of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. I usually eat more from the pantry and my counter because I'm doing things with butternut squash and winter onions. You start to notice the landscape changing by what is on the counter versus what is in the fridge.”

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Unusual Kitchen Solution

“I use this a lot but am embarrassed to have it: a garlic peeler. It is completely unnecessary. I could just use a knife and unwrap the garlic with my fingers, but I hate it when my fingers smell like garlic."

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

Kitchen Tools to Avoid

Specialty pans and steamers are two kitchen tools that Claire never uses. "I'm more apt to blanch my veggies than steam them. I have a wok which is hilarious - I never use it. I just use my Dutch oven instead. I like having one or two things that work amazingly well and that’s it,” she says.

Image Credit: Claire Thomas

How To Stay Organized

“Chaos is always going to happen, but stay on top of it as you cook. Read the recipe twice so you understand the amount of time you need to do this, what you need, then put your market list together. Get only what you need, so you are not cluttering up your pantry. Before you start cooking get your ingredients together, get them ready, then when you are cooking all you need to do is dump and stir.... Then you can just toss everything into the sink. “

Image Credit: Claire Thomas


For being a young, self-proclaimed "food enthusiast," Claire Thomas has quite a food career.

Between creating the beautifully photographed blog The Kitchy Kitchen and hosting ABC's Food For Thought, it's a miracle Claire has anytime to eat let alone cook!

With her passionate approach to food, Claire makes her blog a source for unusual and classic recipes that skillful cooks and brand new ones can enjoy. Her kitchen also merges the unusual and the classic. Thanks to her hands on attitude toward cooking, Claire's figured out how to stay organized, while accepting the chaos that is a natural part of cooking and life.

Check out the slideshow above to find out which kitchen tools Claire avoids and for more on how Claire organizes her kitchen.

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