Kit Kat Bar Named 'Most Influential Candy Bar'

Kit Kat Bar Named 'Most Influential Candy Bar'

According to Time, the Kit Kat bar is the "most influential candy of all time."

After consulting with historians and candy experts, Time published a list of candy bars that have made the biggest impact on culture and the chocolate-bar industry. The Kit Kat was named the most influential candy bar. Thirteen other candies made the list including Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Nestle Milk Chocolate and Snickers.

Kit Kat was voted number one because it was the first candy bar marketed as a "social snack," creating a delicious shared experience with a friend. The candy bar was also the first to accumulate a worldwide following. After launching in Europe and the U.S., the Kit Kat made its way to Australia, Asia and Africa.

The classic s'mores ingredient Hershey's Milk Chocolate came in second for bringing milk chocolate to the mainstream, followed by the triangular Toblerone, which has been enjoyed since 1908.

Image Credit: Bloomberg