Kimchi: The Food Trend Bigger than Sriracha and Cronuts Combined

Kimchi: The Food Trend Bigger than Sriracha and Cronuts Combined

We couldn't be more pleased to hear that people are finally jumping on the kimchi bandwagon. According to Food Beast, this fiery fusion of fermented vegetables is creating more of a buzz on social media than Sriracha and Cronuts, combined.

This is huge, and here's why: You know the "Do Us A Flavor" competition that Lay's does every year where one flavor wins and gets its very own chip? And remember that flavor that almost won last year but was beaten by Cheesy Garlic Bread? (Hint, hint - Sriracha). Now, do you recall that donut-croissant hybrid pastry that took over your Instagram feed for months on end? The one that topped the Empire State Building and Lady Liberty on tourists' Must-Do-If-They-Have-Just-One-Day-in-New York City list? (Hint, hint - the Cronut). Well, kimchi is currently a bigger deal than all of that.

Thanks to Microsoft Social Listening, we can find out what is being talked about on social media at any given time and kimchi is the current trend. With good reason, we might add. This signature Korean condiment has a unique spicy, sour flavor that's made through the fermentation of cabbage. Think of it as sauerkraut's sassier, more adventurous cousin. Traditionally, the condiment is served with rice or noodles but it can be used on a variety of dishes (and trust us -- after you try it, you'll want to put it on everything).

It's one of those rare, magical foods that is not only completely addictive, but it is also packed with a boatload of health benefits. It's full of probiotics (that healthy bacteria in yogurt), which is great for digestion. Plus, it's loaded with Vitamin A and C, and it's low in calories and fat. The only downside is that it is high in sodium, but you only need a small amount to flavor your food.

Bottom line - kimchi is all-around awesome and if you haven't tried it, we suggest you do ASAP. We love it and clearly the Internet is loving it too.

Make it at home with our Quick Kimchi recipe. Then, once you realize what you've been missing, try our Pork and Kimchi Dumplings or our Korean Steak and Mushroom Tacos with Kimchi. If you are really trying to get crazy (as you should), then try our Kimchi Bloody Mary.

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