KFC Tests Edible Coffee Cups in the UK

KFC Tests Edible Coffee Cups in the UK

Now you can have your coffee, and eat the cup, too.

Fast food chain KFC will debut an edible coffee cup at restaurants in Britain. Named "Scoff-ee Cups," the cups will be made from wafer cookies wrapped in sugar paper and lined with heat-resistant white chocolate, reports The New York Times. Over time the warm coffee slowly melts the white chocolate and softens the wafer cookie, adding an extra layer of deliciousness in your morning brew.

USA Today reports that the edible packaging is a green idea that's appealing for environmentally-minded Millenials.

KFC partnered with The Robin Collective, a group of "food futurologists" who experiment in food development, to create the edible cup. Eater reports that food scientists at The Robin Collective have also successfully infused aromas like coconut sun cream, freshly-cut grass and wild flowers into other edible cups.

The cup's debut coincides with the launch of Seattle's Best Coffee in KFC's UK restaurants, reports USA Today. The cup will debut sometime this year in the UK, and there are currently no plans to introduce it stateside.

Image Credit: KFC