KD Finds: The Zakarians' Favorite Holiday Gifts

KD Finds: The Zakarians' Favorite Holiday Gifts
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KD Finds: The Zakarians' Favorite Holiday Gifts

Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian, behind New York City's The National and The Lambs Club, share their top five holiday gift ideas. There's something for everyone in this ultimate food-lover's wish list!

1. Snake River Farms Kurobuta Ham

"We make a habit of cooking one of these every Christmas, as they are the most delicious whole hams [we] have come across," say the Zakarians. "It is extremely special to send to a family for their holiday meal. You can't find pork like this anywhere else, and it is a gift that will feed a family for dinner plus a lot of leftovers."

$149 for whole bone-in ham; snakeriverfarms.com

2. KitchenAid Hand Blender

"This is an especially helpful tool which not many people have," share the Zakarians about this must-have appliance. "It is great to purée something that is already [cooking on the] stovetop. It allows you to not have to remove [food] to put in a blender or other such device," which "saves time and a lot of mess from transferring."

$60 for 2-speed blender; kitchenaid.com

Coravin 1000 System

"We were truly floored by this amazing invention. It allows you to pour a glass of wine from a bottle without ever having to remove a cork. Seems like magic but is pure science. We have tested this device on bottles of all ages, and the wine is completely unharmed and continues to age properly in the bottle even when you have poured out a glass. This is a MUST for any wine drinker on your list," the Zakarians reveal.

$299 for system with two capsules; coravin.com

Graeter's Ice Cream

"Along the same lines as the ham, this makes a fun holiday gift. Their handcrafted ice creams are some of the best we have ever tried, and their online site makes it especially easy to create a 6 flavor pack or 12 flavor pack gift," rave the Zakarians. "It's a huge hit... promise."

$60 for six pack; graeters.com

Duralex Picardie Tumblers

A common sight in France, these classic drinking glasses are made from tempered glassware and are impact- and chip-resistant. Described by the Zakarians as "a very practical gift for people with children," the pair tells us the tumblers "add style to the table but are extremely durable. Toss out those sippy cups!"

$22 for set of six 7.4-ounce glasses; duralexusa.com

Check back next week for a new KD Finds. For more gift-giving ideas, take a peek at last week's gift picks!


Need holiday gift ideas? We asked Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian, behind top restaurants like New York City's The National and The Lambs Club, to share their favorite gifts this holiday season.

There is something for everyone in this mix of gourmet food items, kitchen tools and entertaining picks. The Zakarians reveal where they buy their extraordinarily flavorful and succulent whole ham that is perfect for Christmas dinner. Find out what genius wine accessory they call "a MUST for any wine drinker on your list." For the ultimate food-lover's wish list, check out these insider selects.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the top five holiday gift ideas from the Zakarians.

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