KD Finds: Wicked Halloween Dinner Party

KD Finds: Wicked Halloween Dinner Party

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Not just for the kids, Halloween is the perfect holiday for grown-ups to throw a fun and chic dinner party. Skip the rubber cadaver hands and plastic spiders for some beautiful, dramatic pieces for the table.

We found a charming condiment set that's perfect for setting out bite-sized snacks and sweets (which guests may appreciate more than the common cauldron fare of "eye of newt" and "toe of frog"). Claw tongs take inspiration from feathered friends. From off-kilter candlestick holders to dramatic black stemware, these frightening finds help set the scene for a macabre meal.

Check out the slideshow above to discover five chic finds for a spooky Halloween dinner party.

We are showing you how to eat, drink and be scary this Halloween season.
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