KD Finds: Tiki Time


Itching for a summer escape? Sometimes all it takes is a tropical drink to transport our taste buds to palate paradise. It's fantastic when served in a hollowed pineapple, and we swear adding an umbrella on top somehow makes it taste even better. Let's not forget the pu pu platter with its exotic and tasty temptations like fried coconut shrimp, crispy egg rolls, satay on skewers and Chinese sausage.

Ever since Don the Beachcomber opened the first Polynesian-themed restaurant in 1934, tiki culture has swept the nation in waves of frenzy over its Asian-inspired cuisine, potent rum drinks and iconic ceramic tiki mug. While tiki culture peaked in popularity in the 30's, 40's and 50's and later experienced a revival in the 90's, it continues to capture the American imagination to this day -- we can all agree those mai tais and piña coladas will never go out of style!

This week's KD Finds brings you our current tiki-inspired obsessions! From fun tiki glasses to the ultimate tropical cocktail recipe book, these five things are perfect way to escape this summer.

Check out the slideshow above to discover our favorite tiki finds!

P.S. Check out the tiki party menu we made using our Host Handbook! Our simple menu planning tool gives you everything you need to throw the ultimate party.