KD Finds: Play With Your Food

KD Finds: Play With Your Food
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KD Finds: Play With Your Food

Celebrate spring with an abundance of flavor, texture and color in our top finds this week.

1. Rablabs Lia Bottle Stoppers

Dazzle your guests with these stunning bottle stoppers. Made from rare pineapple-clustered amethyst and crystal and hand-crafted glass, each one is unique and will surely keep the good vibes going long after the bottle stops flowing.

$64 each; rablabs.com

2. Bee Raw Honey 4 Fruit Varietal Honey Flight

This beautifully-designed honey flight contains four vials of raw and unfiltered varietal honey, each derived from a different floral source such as blueberry and orange blossom. The budding beekeeper in you will have fun experimenting and comparing the variations in flavor, color and aroma.

$45 for set of four vials; beeraw.com

4. Bella Dots 2 Slice Toaster

Bring a little pizzazz to your kitchen counter with this sleek stainless steel toaster. The wallet-friendly price point makes this chic appliance a steal!

$25; target.com

3. Joseph Joseph Compact Herb Chopper

Smart design meets function with this two-piece herb chopper. Use the curved surface of the chopping unit to cut herbs, nuts and garlic, and safely tuck away the double hachoir blade in an inner compartment when you're finished. Having this handy gadget around will make chopping herbs as easy as child's play.

$24; amazon.com

5. 240sweet Artisan Marshmallows

These all-natural marshmallows from Indiana-based 240sweet use local and organic ingredients for big flavor and fluffy texture. If you're feeling adventurous, try this month's selection like Sweet Beet Crunch and Carrot Cake, but you can't go wrong with mainstays like Maple and Brown Sugar, Coffee Chocolate Chip and the ever popular Salty Caramel Swirl.

$6.25 for 3-ct package; 240sweet.com


At Kitchen Daily, we obsess over delicious treats, the newest kitchen gadgets, dreamy tablescapes and the latest trends in the culinary world. This week, we are loving bright colors and playful designs, perfect for the spring.

If you've ever been told not to play with your food, this week's picks will have you second-guessing that outdated rule. From hand-crafted marshmallows that come in more than 150 gourmet flavors to jewel-like bottle stoppers that will dazzle your guests, we think there's nothing in the food, dining and kitchen realm that's off-limits for a bit of fun. Join us and usher in spring with an abundance of flavor, texture and color!

Check out our slideshow above to discover our five playful spring picks for the week.

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