KD Finds: Pizza Party

KD Finds: Pizza Party
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KD Finds: Pizza Party

From a countertop oven that cooks pies to perfection to quality ingredients that make our tastebuds sing ("That's Amore", that is!), these picks are perfect for your pizza party. Read on to discover our five favorite finds for pizza night!

1. The Petite Pizzeria

This mini pizza oven may be the next best thing to a brick oven. Reaching temperatures over 600°F within minutes, this countertop appliance can cook crispy thin crusts with an included ceramic pizza stone or hearty deep-dish pies in its non-stick pan.

$130; surlatable.com

2. PinPair rolling pin

A rolling pin is great for handling unwieldy dough or getting super thin crusts. We love this clever kitchen tool that combines a silicone and wood rolling pin in one. With the twist of a ring, the non-stick silicone sleeve can be removed to reveal a French wood pin for precise dough rolling.

$40; chefn.com

3. Scizza

Slice and serve pizzas (and even quiches and pastries) easily with this handy gadget! Sharp blade ensure a clean cut, while the spatula bottom glides along flat surfaces to protect them from scratches.

$30; dreamfarm.com

4. Favorite Ingredients

For the perfect pie you've got to go back to the basics: dough and sauce. We're impressed by Thomas Keller's Cup4Cup gluten-free pizza crust mix; the easy-to-make dough bakes beautifully and lets your wheat-free loved ones in on the fun.

We love the authentic flavors found in Niasca Portofino sauces, which feature generations-old recipes and ingredients sourced from small farmers in Italy's coastal village Portofino.

$15 for Cup4Cup pizza crust mix, cup4cup.com and $10-$15 for Niasca Portofino sauces, eataly.com

5. Newberry Pizza Peel

Not only great for retrieving hot pies from the oven or grill, pizza peels are a stylish way to serve your hand-crafted creation on the dinner table. We love this multi-striped cherry wood version made by Missouri-based wood-working couple Bill and Julie Newberry.

$47; etsy.com

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While we love the convenience of ordering out pizza, you really can't beat the fresh flavors of a homemade pie. Making pizza at home can be a fun activity for the family and is easier than you think—especially with our five favorite things for pizza night!

From a countertop oven that cooks pies to perfection to quality ingredients that make our taste buds sing ("That's Amore", that is!), these five picks are perfect for your pizza party.

Check out the slideshow above for our five favorite finds for pizza night!

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