KD Finds: Mardi Gras

KD Finds: Mardi Gras
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KD Finds: Mardi Gras

Celebrate Mardi Gras with our favorite things that bring a taste of New Orleans to your kitchen, and let the good times roll!

1. Beignet Mix and Coffee and Chicory

A visit to New Orleans wouldn't be complete without coffee and beignets from the coffee shop Café du Monde in the French Quarter. One box of their beignet mix will make four dozen of the crisp, puffy French-style doughnuts, best served with a liberal dusting of powdered sugar and washed down with a cup of café au lait.

$3.26 for beignet mix and $6.22 for Coffee and Chicory; cafedumonde.com

2. Mardi Gras Cookie Cutter Set

This set of six cookie cutters in festive shapes, like the fleur-de-lis and masquerade mask, is perfect for your Mardi Gras party!

$25; fleurtygirl.net

3. King Cake

It's tradition to have this ring-shaped pastry at Mardi Gras festivities, and New Orleans-based dessert shop Sucré makes one of the best king cakes we've tasted. Buttery in flavor and delicate in texture, this cake has a light layer of cream cheese and just the right amount of icing.

$20 each; shopsucre.com

4. Crawfish Print Kraft Paper Roll

Crawfish boils can be messy affairs. Instead of using newspaper to keep tables clean, we love to use this whimsical printed paper as a festive table runner.

$13 for 50 foot roll; mardigrasoutlet.com

5. Gumbo Pot

However you like to make your gumbo—thickened with okra, filé or roux and filled with seafood, sausage or other meat—you'll need to start with a good pot. We love cooking our gumbo in a pot made from heavy-duty cast iron like this colorful one from Le Creuset.

$240 for 3.5 qt. Round French Oven; lecreuset.com

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Mardi Gras season is in full throes, and in New Orleans the annual Carnival celebrations mean parades, flashy costumes, throws and, of course, good food. The season's festivities are historically a time to indulge in rich foods before the start of Lent, and what the city offers does not disappoint as it is home to many unique regional dishes and food traditions.

With Fat Tuesday on the horizon, this week's KD Finds celebrates New Orlean's rich culinary history. We're sharing five things we love that bring a taste of the city to your kitchen, from the perfect king cake to legendary beignets. With these picks, you're sure to throw a festive Mardi Gras party and let the good times roll!

Check out the slideshow above to discover our five favorite things for Mardi Gras festivities.

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