KD Finds: Lobster and Clam Bake

We can't imagine summer without a clambake! It's widely believed that this New England tradition originated when the pilgrims learned from the Native Americans how to cook clams and other seafood in pits dug in the sand, and now this seafood feast has become a widespread practice across the country.

While cooking and eating the lobsters, steamers and mussels are best enjoyed outdoors, a clambake can also be done indoors with a heavy pot on the stovetop. Traditionally, a fire pit is lined with hot stones, wet seaweed gathered from the shore, and a variety of seafood with vegetables like potatoes and corn on the cob; then the pit is covered with a tarp to trap the heat and start the slow cooking process through steam.

Inspired by this American tradition, we've rounded up our favorite finds for a summer clambake! From stylish lobster bibs we wouldn't mind wearing at any meal time to trays with fun nautical touches, these five must-haves are perfect for any summer seafood festivities!

Check out the slideshow above to discover our five favorite finds for a lobster clambake!

If you're looking to host the ultimate clambake, let us help you plan with our Host Handbook! We created our clambake menu with it!