KD Finds: Hot Chocolate

KD Finds: Hot Chocolate
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KD Finds: Hot Chocolate

Make the perfect hot chocolate with our favorite picks! From old-fashioned, artisan marshmallows to metalware-inspired mugs, these five finds make the perfect little escape during long winter days.

1. Tinware Handmade Mug

Get the look of vintage metalware mugs with these stoneware sippers that are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. We imagine curling up by the fire with one of these!

$12 each; canvashomestore.com

2. Thermal Red Carafe

This sleek carafe has a glass thermal liner that keeps drinking chocolate and other beverages hot for up to eight hours. It's perfect for serving guests!

$35; crateandbarrel.com

3. Marshmallows

These soft, sticky marshmallows are made the old-fashioned way, from scratch and by hand, at a Brooklyn, New York-based bakery. We love how they slowly melt into a mug of hot chocolate, but they're wonderful to snack on straight out of the bag, too!

$4.50 per bag of eight marshmallows; bakedshop.com

4. Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Swirl the stick in a mug of steamed milk, and watch the chocolate melt into a velvety-smooth, rich concoction. It's a mess-free way to enjoy hot chocolate, and the stick becomes the perfect skewer for devouring your marshmallow!

$18 for six sticks; amazon.com

5. Molinillo Hot Cocoa Frother

This hand-made wooden whisk is traditionally used to make frothy hot cocoa in Mexico. When you roll the handle between your palms, the loose wooden rings whip air into the drink.

$16; uncommongoods.com

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The Mayans were onto something when they created the world's first chocolate beverage. What started as a bitter and spicy drink, made from ground cocoa seeds, has transformed over the years into a warm and sweet indulgence enjoyed worldwide. However you enjoy it—thick or thin, plain or spiced and topped with marshmallows or served alongside churros—there really is no wrong way to drink this delicious concoction.

Inspired by our favorite winter drink, we found five things we love for the perfect hot chocolate. From old-fashioned, artisan marshmallows to vintage-inspired mugs, these five finds make the perfect little escape during long winter days.

Check out the slideshow above to discover our five favorite things for making and serving hot chocolate.

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