KD Finds: Food Trends for 2015

KD Finds: Food Trends for 2015
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KD Finds: Food Trends for 2015

What's trending in food? We've rounded up our favorite products for the biggest food trends of 2015.

1. Culinary Beer

Brewers are taking inspiration from medieval times to create hop-free beers that use herbs, spices and other plants to infuse unique flavors. We're impressed with Chicago's Moody Tongue Brewing Company, where brewmaster Jared Rouben incorporates unique ingredients to enhance beer's flavor profile and aromatics, like this Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter that's infused with caramel, cinnamon and vanilla.


2. Matcha

Experts predict matcha, a souped-up version of green tea with more nutrients and less caffeine, will be this year's superfood. If you're new to matcha, this kit from The Matcha Source comes with the essentials, including a starter tin of tea grade blend matcha and a bamboo whisk to make it frothy and delicious.


3. Coconut Sugar

If you're seeking a better-for-you alternative to white sugar, coconut sugar is less processed, has a lower glycemic index and more nutrients than white sugar! Colorado-based company Madhava's coconut sugar is not only organic and sustainable, but it also adds a wonderful hint of caramel flavor to baked goods.


4. Smoke

Smoking is not just for meats; experts predict vegetables, butters, cocktails and other non-traditional foods will also get the smoke treatment this year. That's why this portable smoker will be a cook's best friend. It quickly infuses natural, smoky flavor in food and drink without extra heat!


5. Authentic Asian

Now that everyone's eating kimchi, watch out for "spicier and funkier" Asian flavors, such as Northern Thai cuisine and the tangy Filipino flavors, in 2015. If you're ready to explore new flavors in your kitchen, the Asian spice kits from California-based Oaktown Spice Shop are a great way to get started.


Check back next week for a new KD Finds, or take a peek at last week's picks!


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What will you be eating and drinking in 2015? The experts have released their predictions on this year's biggest superfood, beer craze and flavor trends, and we're hungry to try them all!

If you're on board, we've rounded up our favorite products to explore the biggest food trends for 2015. We're revealing where to drink the tastiest culinary beers, which tool will be your best friend in the kitchen and more secrets to making this the tastiest year ever.

Check out the slideshow above to discover our five product picks for the best food trends in 2015.

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