KD Finds: Eco-Chic Kitchen Picks

KD Finds: Eco-Chic Kitchen Picks
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KD Finds: Eco-Chic Kitchen Picks

Celebrate Earth Week by making a commitment to an environmentally conscious lifestyle. We're showcasing five green ideas along with five eco-chic picks that will help you do your part.

1. Plant a garden

If you grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables, you'll know exactly where your produce comes from and decrease your carbon footprint by reducing the distance food needs to travel to get to you.

Short on space? These kits contain everything you need to grow organic mixed herbs, lavender or mini tomatoes right in the included steel pails and make the perfect gift for someone new to gardening.

Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-pail

$25 each; pottingshedcreations.com

2. Drink from reusable water bottles

The production of bottled water burns tons of fossil fuels, and about 75% of disposable bottles are not recycled and end up laying around in landfills. Just say "no" to generating plastic waste, and instead drink tap water from a reusable water bottle.

We love the clean look and eye-popping array of colors that these bottles come in, and the glass bottle with silicone sleeve design avoids the risk of BPA leakage that some plastic products carry. Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefits the Obakki Foundation, a non-profit fundraising organization that brings water and education to people in Africa.

bkr water bottle

$28 each; mybkr.com

3. Compost Your Food Scraps

Composting is a natural way to break down organic material, such as vegetable scraps, fruit peels and even uncolored paper, in your own home, which reduces landfill waste and improves your soil. Having a compost container in your kitchen makes it easy to store your food scraps and dispose of them in your compost bin when you're ready.

We'd be proud to show off this sleek stoneware container on our kitchen countertop. The handle makes pouring out contents easy, and the charcoal filter in the lid helps control odor.

Gardener's Supply Company Compost Container

$30; gardeners.com

4. Buy eco-friendly cookware

Most non-stick cookware contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which research suggests is toxic to animals and may possibly be a human carcinogen. While most companies are slowly phasing out the use of PFOA in their products, new eco-friendly brands are emerging as forerunners in green cookware.

Environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo makes it easy to go green with his line of stylish home products. We're fans of his colorful frying pans which are made with environmentally-friendly PFOA-free coating.

Danny Seo Skillet

$10 for 9'' pan and $13 for 11'' pan; available at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods

5. Carry groceries in reusable bags

Bringing your own grocery bag every time you shop means less disposable plastic bags end up in landfills.

This sturdy burlap bag from designer Michele Marano is extra roomy, making it perfect for toting around groceries at your farmer's market. Cut and hand-sewn from re-purposed coffee bean sacks and vintage-inspired fabric, each rustic chic creation is one-of-a-kind.

Williams-Sonoma Reversible Burlap Tote

$111; williams-sonoma.com


Every week, the editors here at Kitchen Daily share our must-haves in the world of food. In celebration of Earth Week, we're unearthing our favorite eco-friendly finds for the kitchen.

With a growing public consciousness of the journey our food takes from the farm to our plates, it's increasingly important for food purveyors and gourmands alike to be socially responsible at every step of the way. We at Kitchen Daily encourage a commitment to eco-friendly living (however small) to protect our planet's resources. There are many ways to act green, such as updating your kitchen with energy-efficient appliances or shopping at your local farmer's market to source local and organic food.

This week's KD Finds showcases five green ideas along with five eco-chic products that can help you do your part. Check out our slideshow above to discover our picks to help the planet.

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