KD Finds: Chef Tim Love's Favorite Kitchen Picks

KD Finds: Chef Tim Love's Favorite Kitchen Picks
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KD Finds: Chef Tim Love's Favorite Kitchen Picks

Read on to discover chef Tim Love's favorite picks in the kitchen.

1. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

"This might be the best piece of equipment you could buy," shares Tim Love. "It is heavy and cumbersome but undeniable the best cooking tool in the world. You can sear, roast, braise, bake, fry and even freeze in cast iron. All you need is a good fire!"

Lodge 2 quart dutch oven, $57; lodgemfg.com

2. A Good Attitude

"This is probably the most important one," declares Tim. "When cooking, eating, or dining with friends always go in with an open mind and a happy attitude. If you are happy, the food is always happy. I always say that I walk with a 100 foot circle of fun around me. Either get in or get out, but don’t think that I’m going to ever quit having fun!"

3. Tongs and Meat Fork

"I put these in the same category because I use them interchangeably. Depending on the situation, I always have one of these in my hand at all times," explains Tim.

Wüsthof Classic Straight Carvng Fork, $140; cutleryandmore.com

4. A Real Good Knife

"Get an 8-inch and a paring knife and you can do anything. I make my own knives so I am very partial to them," shares Tim. "Carbon steel is great as it holds a very fine edge for a long time. They are lightweight, which is nice for someone like me who has Carpal Tunnel from chopping so much, and a Texas mesquite handle, which just feels awesome feel in your hand."

Wüsthof Classic Ikon Chef's Knife in 8 inches, $160; cutleryandmore.com

5. Ice

"This is so essential. Use it to make cocktails, chill wines, keep food cold in the field and, of course, to chill a shot of tequila when needed. You can never have too much ice, especially when you are in a hot place like Texas," Tim tells us. For dinner parties, he advises buying two extra bags and storing it in a good cooler. "There is no better cooler than a YETI cooler," he recommends. "If you don’t have one, get it and watch your life change right before your eyes."

Yeti Roadie Cooler, $250; yeticoolers.com

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Chef Tim Love clearly has a knack for opening successful restaurants. With several restaurants under his belt, including White Elephant Saloon and Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, he clearly knows the right way to run a kitchen. We'd love to know the secret to his success, so we asked Tim to reveal the essentials in his kitchen.

From the cookware Tim calls "the best piece of equipment you could ever buy" to the kitchen tools he has in his hands at all times, these five kitchen picks include some surprising picks!

Check out the slideshow above to discover the five things Tim Love finds essential in the kitchen.

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