KD Finds: Chef Michael Symon's Five Favorites

KD Finds: Chef Michael Symon's Five Favorites
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KD Finds: Chef Michael Symon's Five Favorites

Cleveland restaurateur, culinary personality and cookbook author Michael Symon takes over KD Finds this week to show us what he's loving right now. Read on to discover his five favorite kitchen picks.

1. Big Green Egg

"The Big Green Egg is the best piece of outdoor cooking equipment you can own," Michael raves. "You can grill on it, smoke in it and make amazing pizza in under two minutes." This outdoor cooker, inspired by kamado style clay cooking vessels from Asia, is made from high-quality ceramic and can accurately reach temperatures as high as 750ºF.

$659 for medium EGG, $140 for medium Nest and $100 for medium Mates/Shelves; biggreenegg.com

2. The Secret to Delicious Glazes and Marinades

Aged for nine years in charred, American oak barrels, Knob Creek Bourbon's full-bodied flavor can add a kick to your favorite recipes. "I love to use Knob Creek Bourbon in glazes for pork and chicken... and I'm not going to lie, I also love it with a good splash of ginger beer on the rocks!" Michael shares.

$31; knobcreek.com

Michael also loves to cook with Oikos Greek yogurt, which you can easily sub in for mayonnaise, cream cheese or sour cream in recipes. "It's amazing for marinades and finishing sauces in place of butter," he insists.

$6 for quart; oikosyogurt.com

3. Calphalon Pans

This ten-piece set has everything you need to start cooking like a professional. Pots and pans in the Unison Nonstick line have special "sear" or "slide" nonstick finishes that help produce beautiful crusts on meats or cook delicate omelets and sauces. "Calphalon makes versatile and tough pans. I use them at home and also in my restaurants. They can really take a beating," Michael tells us.

$600; calphalon.com

4. Microplanes

"I couldn't live without my Microplane," Michael reveals. "From zesting citrus to grating cheese, it is my most-used piece of kitchen equipment." The stainless steel blade produces razor sharp cuts, and the soft handle comes in fun colors.

$15; us.microplane.com

5. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

"Le Creuset's Dutch oven is the ultimate braising pan for those wonderful slow-cooked fall and winter dishes," says Michael. With its specially-designed wide and shallow mouth, this oven makes it easy to sear meats before slow-cooking. "It's also so sturdy that it will last five lifetimes!" he adds.

$150 for 3.5 Qt. Round Wide French Oven; lecreuset.com


If the man can master a meal from scratch with only five ingredients and in under five minutes, we're all ears to learn more kitchen secrets from chef Michael Symon. As the resident chef on ABC's The Chew, Michael has been helping busy home cooks whip up easy and fast meals in his popular segment 5 in 5.

This week, Michael takes over KD Finds to show us five things he's loving right now. Find out what outdoor cooker he's raving about, his secret ingredient to an amazing pork glaze and what kitchen tool he can't live without.

Check out the slideshow above to discover chef Michael Symon's five favorites.

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