KD Finds: Cheese

KD Finds: Cheese
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KD Finds: Cheese

This week's KD Finds celebrates cheese! Feast your eyes on these five things we love for eating, serving and storing cheese.

1. Porcelain Cheese Markers

Let your cheese do the talking with these porcelain cheese markers! Write down the names of each cheese with an included erasable pen, so guests can tell Manchego from Mahón.

$19 for set of six; fishseddy.com

2. Bee's Wrap

Made with organic cotton muslin and naturally antibacterial beeswax, these reusable wraps are an earth-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Warm the wrap in your hands and mold it around a piece of cheese; the wrap stiffens as it cools to create a natural seal.

$18 for set of three sizes; beeswrap.com

3. Marble & Wood Serving Board

We love the clean lines of this chic paddle board made from white marble and natural mango wood, perfect for serving cheese and its accompaniments!

$198 for 24 in. x 20 in. x 1 in. size; Available March 25 on shopterrain.com

4. L'Econome Fromage Set

Brighten up your kitchen with these charming cheese knives made in France! A set comes with a pointed knife for cutting and serving firm cheese, a butter knife that's handy for spreading soft cheese and an all-purpose paring knife.

$42 for set of three knives; flotsamandfork.com

5. Brie Baker Gift

Surprise a cheese-loving friend with this delicious gift set that includes a seven-ounce wheel of brie, Dalmatia Fig Jam and a bright red ceramic brie baker. One bite of warm, creamy brie slathered in sweet jam will send your taste buds to turophile paradise!

$37; murrayscheese.com

Check back next week for a new KD Finds, or take a peek at last week's picks!


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There's nothing like a good cheese plate. From creamy, buttery Brie to nutty, firm Parmesan, the wide variety of cheese can please all palettes. Pairing cheese with spreads, nuts, pickled vegetables and other food accompaniments can bring out the dimensions of their flavor; some of the more curious combinations can lead to wonderfully delicious results. Plus, cheese is versatile as an appetizer, dinner course or alternative to dessert.

Whether you're a novice nibbler or a fromage fanatic, cheese lovers can feed their passion with this week's KD Finds. We've narrowed down the list to these five things that we love for eating, serving and storing cheese, so that you can experience the Gouda life.

Check out the slideshow above to feast your eyes on our five favorite things for cheese.

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