KD Finds: Campfire Cooking

KD Finds: Campfire Cooking

When packing for an upcoming camping trip, it's understandable to sacrifice some creature comforts. Leaving behind our favorite kitchen tools and expansive pantry and fridge options may seem like a setback, but campfire cooking can become a fun and creative challenge that may produce some delicious results!

We found a gourmet confection company that makes batches of special marshmallows perfect for roasting. (It will seriously change the way you make s'mores.) We're hooked on campfire popcorn, and our pick for an old-fashioned popper will convert you from the microwaved stuff. From the perfect roasting fork to a chic dinnerware set, we'll show you that you don't have to rough it when tent-side dining.

Check out our slideshow above to discover our five picks for camping in style.

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