Kathie Lee Gifford's 12 Secrets to Entertaining

Kathie Lee Gifford's 12 Secrets to Entertaining
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Kathie Lee Gifford's 12 Secrets to Entertaining

Kathie Lee Gifford shares her best entertaining tips, details about her famed Super Bowl parties and what wine she always serves.

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Keep Appetizers Small.

Kathie Lee recommends serving only bite-size appetizers at parties. "I’d rather have 10 shrimp than one enchilada that I can’t hold with my wine," she offers. "You’ve got to be able to deal with it in a polite fashion."

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Value Variety.

"I like to do lots of little bite-size hors d'oeuvres," shares Kathie Lee. "I like to have a lot of variety. If you just have shrimp and people don’t eat shrimp, they are out of the ball game."

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Make Taste Number One.

Kathie Lee prefers her dishes "so delicious that you want another bite." The star explains, "I don’t like my calories wasted. I won’t waste it on a bad glass of wine and I won’t waste it on a bad hors d’oeuvre. The worst thing you can do is give someone one bite that they want to spit out."

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Serve What You Love.

"Now that we have our own wine, the only thing we serve at home is Gifft wine. You come to our house, you are going to have Gifft wine! It would seem wrong otherwise!" says Kathie Lee. "It would be like cheating on ourselves."

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Work Within the Setting.

"We live in Connecticut, so most of our major entertaining is done from May through October when we [essentially] live outside," shares Kathie Lee. "We keep our winter entertaining to small dinner...for one or two other couples, but not big bashes unless we can all spread out in our lawn in the summertime."

While Kathie Lee and her husband, Frank, only host small gatherings in the winter, they take full advantage of their space: "As Regis says when he comes over, 'And yet another place to eat!' We have lots of nooks and crannies. It is so conducive to entertaining."

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Collect Wine.

"We have a little wine cellar in our house and you just keep it stocked," Kathie Lee explains. "[There are way more bottles than people. You never run out."

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Buy Classic Items.

"I always use what I love, I’m not a fad or a trend person," admits Kathie Lee. "We have dishes we have been using since Frank and I were married and we have dishes I might have found in an antique store or in Nantucket when we had a home there."

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Rethink Your Favorite Pieces of Decor.

Kathie Lee loves to "show people how to use things that are already in their home in a different way." For a Cinco de Mayo party, she grabbed a rustic planter from her home and transformed it into an ice bucket for wine. For another gathering, she grabbed a boat that previously held potpourri and served seafood salad in it.

"Why spend more money on something? It is already in your house!" she says.

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Make It Personal.

For her annual Super Bowl party, Kathie Lee displays her husband and former football player Frank's NFL paraphernalia. "The men go in there and spend most of the evening not watching the game, but looking at Frank’s football stuff."

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Keep Cameras Out of It.

"I think because we’ve had our picture taken all of our lives, both Frank and I, [as] both of our careers have been in the public arena, the last thing we do at [gatherings] is take pictures," explains Kathie Lee. "I hate this 'selfie generation' thing. It is all me, me, me, look at me. I’m over you. And I’m over me! I hope I didn’t raise kids like that, that want to take pictures of themselves all the time—just nauseating."

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Offer Variety in Desserts.

"We usually try to have three desserts: some sort of a cake, some sort of a cookie or pie and some sort of a sorbet, so there is a choice," shares Kathie Lee.

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Keep It Simple.

When Kathie Lee entertains, she's "not trying to impress anybody. I’m trying to provide a beautiful space for people to be in with delicious food and lovely wine. I’m all about making memories," she offers.

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Today show host and Gifft wine creator Kathie Lee Gifford enjoys dining out at restaurants, but also loves to entertain at her home in Connecticut.

"Through many, many, many years of entertaining, [I've learned] what makes people happy," shares Kathie Lee. "It is not a complicated thing. It is usually just [food] that is delicious and displayed or presented in a lovely way."

The television personality preaches that if you "keep it delicious and keep it beautiful, people will come back year after year after year. They'll be disappointed if they are not invited."

Check out the slideshow above for Kathie Lee's best entertaining tips, details about her famed Super Bowl parties and what wine she always serves.

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