Kathie Lee Gifford on the Scheid Vineyards

Kathie Lee Gifford on the Scheid Vineyards
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Kathie Lee Gifford on the Scheid Vineyards

Read on to learn more about the development of Kathie Lee's wine.

Image Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford

Planting the Seed.

"This very clever gentlemen named Andy Cohen, who has his own company who puts deals together for people that he thinks would be a good match, came to me a year and a half ago and said, 'Why don’t you have your own wine line? It is just so natural with all the joking about the wine and you and Hoda having wine on the show.' I said, 'Now we are talking. Where have you been all my life?'"

Image Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford

The Partnership

"He said, 'There is a family in Monterey County that makes boutique wines, some [of which] are very high priced, but all [of which] are from the same vineyards, the same grapes.' I was very gung ho for that."

Image Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford

The Concept: Price

"We wanted a lovely wine that was not going to break the bank," explains Kathie Lee. "[Something] that everybody could buy a bottle or a case of to serve in their own home. That is important to me. I’m not a wine snob."

Image Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford

The Concept: Flavor

When Kathie Lee went out to the vineyard, she worked with the Scheid family to create a Chardonnay similar to those from California in the mid-70s. "Chardonnays back then were lighter, crisper, more delicate and not as heavy, buttery or oaky as California Charddonays have become now and I don’t like them anymore...they are heavy and have an aftertaste and overpowered whatever you were eating."

"Likewise, so many reds did the same," continues Kathie Lee. With this in mind, she set out to create two wines that were incredibly smooth, delicious and light.

Image Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford

The Vineyard

"It is pristine. You could eat a meal off of the machinery," promises Kathie Lee. "They take such pride in it, I was happy to see that. It is a science, and they have master scientists there who understand the process."

Image Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford

The Process

Creating the wine took about a year between tastings, the fall harvest and an unexpected government shutdown. "It is one of those things you don’t rush," Kathie Lee explains. "We are rolling it out slowly, first in the tri-state area and online."


Kathie Lee Gifford would live on a vineyard if she could! While she still resides in Connecticut, the Today host spent some time at the Scheid family's Monterey estate vineyard while creating her new wine, Gifft. Together with the Scheid family, she developed a 2012 Estate Grown Chardonnay and 2011 Estate Grown Red Blend.

"This is not a 'celebrity' wine where you just slap your name on something for the profit," explains Kathie Lee. "This is something very personal to me. I would never put my name on something I hadn't been involved with from beginning to end and neither would the Scheid family."

Check out the slideshow above to see photos from the winery and for more on the development of Kathie Lee's new wine, Gifft!

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