Jedi Babies Fight Epic Battle for Cupcake

Jedi Babies Fight Epic Battle for Cupcake

YouTube is a playground for parody and homage. Fans of just about every medium can come together to upload and share amusing content. The legendary film Star Wars is a classic film that launched a thousand parodies. This Jedi baby battle is no exception.

In a YouTube video making the rounds from user Oscar Rene, two kids, clad in iconic Star Wars garb, battle it out for a single cupcake while the legendary theme song plays. Little Darth Vadar spies the chocolate cupcake first and attempts to remove it from the counter using his "force" power, an imaginary energy that emanates from his hands to move objects in the air. Before the cupcake reaches his grasp, a little girl dressed as Princess Leia intervenes in Darth's attempt using her own "force."

The kids then break out light sabers to engage in a proper battle, clearly parodying the famous fight scene between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar in The Empire Strikes Back. As the kids duel with their light sabers, the cupcake moves from within both of their grasps. The mysterious force is revealed to be a baby Yoda enjoying the coveted cupcake. This grin-inducing video manages to pack all the drama of Star Wars into a less than one minute clip.

Check out the video above to watch Jedi babies battle for a cupcake!

Image Credit: Oscar Rene