Introducing the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Gift Baskets: Valleybrink Road

Introducing the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Gift Baskets: Valleybrink Road
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Introducing the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Gift Baskets: Valleybrink Road

Read on to learn more about Barrett Prendergast, the chef and owner of boutique catering company Valleybrink Road.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Did you have any reservations about taking the leap into catering?

A: My husband and I had a handbag line, and we were kind of going through having to make a decision on whether or not we were going to move forward with it...My career was kind of in flux, and it all happened at kind of the best time for me. I realized that I could turn something that I loved into a way to support myself, and into a career, without trying to force anything. It just kind of happened, and it was perfect timing.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: What’s the meaning behind the name Valleybrink Road?

A: It’s the street that I live on in Atwater Village in Los Angeles.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Have you always been in Los Angeles?

A: I was born and raised in L.A., and I’ve lived here my whole life. I haven’t left yet!

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Do you have a team, or do you handle everything solo?

A: I’m on a solo mission over here! My husband is a photographer, so he gave me a camera and he taught me how to do some basic things on it. So he did that, and he kind of sent me on my way. I take all of the pictures and I style everything. When I have bigger events, I have a team of people to help me with that, but in terms of the day-to-day, the upkeep of the site and the components that go into that, I do all of it myself.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Favorite type of event to cater?

A: I love doing brunches. I just like the type of food that you can offer at brunch...Brunch is a combination of sweet and savory dishes, so brunch would be my favorite.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Do any events you’ve catered stand out?

A: I feel like they all are memorable. It’s such a wonderful thing. I usually go to people’s houses and cook. That’s one of my favorite things about my job, is that I get welcomed into someone else’s home. I get to cook in their kitchen and be in their space. There’s something really warm and inviting about that. It’s a really nice aspect of the job.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: How do you get the word out about your business?

A: A lot of the work has come from referrals, word of mouth and friends in L.A. who have used me and passed my information along to people. Instagram has also been a really incredible tool for my business, and I’ve gotten so much work from [it], from people who follow [me] and see the images and are drawn to the aesthetic of what I do.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Is there a particular type of food you present to your clients?

A: Usually they have me design the menu. Of course, if someone has specific ideas about dishes they want, I’m happy to create those. But most people see what type of food I create and that’s why they’re hiring me. So they really trust me, and I create a unique menu for each client. It’s really driven by the farmers’ market and by the seasons. I use fresh, local produce as much as possible. I feel like in Los Angeles people are really drawn to that type of cooking.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: One food you're really drawn to?

A: I love Italian food. I would say pasta is my favorite thing to eat. I try not to eat it every day...but I do like it a lot!

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast

Q: Any future plans for Valleybrink Road?

A: I would love to see it grow. It’s all happened so fast, so I don’t have a set plan. But I would just love to see it keep growing. I would love to expand. I have a little dream of one day having a small storefront space that serves breakfast and lunch and the type of fresh, organic, seasonal food that I cook....So hopefully one day there will be a little Valleybrink Road storefront.

Image Credit: Barrett Prendergast


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Barrett Prendergast had been cooking as a hobby for over 12 years. She hadn't really thought about it in terms of a career after working in the fashion industry for a long time.

Then, about a year ago, her friends started asking her for recipes and pushing her to start a blog so they could go online and get them more easily. That's when she started Valleybrink Road.

At first, it started as a blog where Barrett shared her recipes with friends. But pretty quickly after it launched, she started getting inquiries about whether she catered events. "I just started saying yes to everything," Barrett tells Kitchen Daily. "Very quickly, within the span of a year, I totally changed my career. Now I'm a chef and a caterer and I also do these custom gift boxes. So it was all a pretty quick, kind of organic transformation that took on a life of its own once I started my site."

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about Barrett Prendergast and Valleybrink Road.

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