Inside the Presidents' China Cabinet

Inside the Presidents' China Cabinet

While there are quite a number of perks that come with being the president of the United States, you might not consider a seriously stunning and regal set of china one of them, but we do.

Inside the Presidents' China Cabinet

Although White House china has been around since Monroe's presidency, hand-picking the sets has been a tradition for first ladies since Mary Todd Lincoln. Working with renowned china company Lenox as well as other brands, first ladies have chosen place settings that have graced the tables of some of the most iconic dinners in American history. While some settings are more versatile than others, each represents the first family's style, though not every presidential administration selected a new set of china.

The prized dishes are housed in the White House China Room, and older collections are held in the president's dining room.

To view the Presidents' China Cabinet, Check out the slideshow above!

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