Inside Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark's Kitchen

Inside Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark's Kitchen
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Inside Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark's Kitchen

Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark grew up above a restaurant owned by her parents. Now, she takes us inside her own kitchen, sharing her favorite foods, how she fuels up for training and more.

Clark’s brother now owns the restaurant previously owned by her parents. “I’m sort of the black sheep of the family, I don’t ski and I don’t own restaurants,” Clark jokes. At the restaurant “they served pizza and meatball subs; it was kind of like an Italian tavern. [Then,] probably in the mid-90s, they started transferring to American foods—so salads, fish, things like that—but we still had homemade pizza.”

“It really instilled a love of pizza for me,” says Clark. “It is so fun for a kid. It was my favorite thing to make.”

“I’ve been making French press coffee lately (two cups in the morning). Being an athlete and all, I need to make sure I stay hydrated, so along with my cups of coffee I’m drinking a bottle of water,” says Clark.

“I always have milk, orange juice, carrots and ginger. Those are my staples. I do a lot of juicing, so every morning I make carrot, apple, ginger juice. Depending on what kind of ingredients I have, sometimes celery, cucumber, mint or things like that are good to put in the juicer as well,” Clark shares.

“With my travel schedule I find it hard to get the well-balanced nutrition on a day-to-day basis. It is nice to be able to have a juicer where you can throw everything in and make sure you are getting your daily supply of fruits and veggies. Kind of like a one-stop shop. If your schedule doesn’t permit, it is nice to know that you are still maintaining all of the things that you should.“

“I collect mugs from traveling. I end up with mugs that remind me of places I’ve been, countries I’ve seen and events I’ve been a part of. One is from Japan, one from the 2006 Olympics, one for my birthday in New Zealand and one says, ‘I love Costa Rica.’ I made one in camouflage at a paint-your-own pottery place. It reminds me that I [paint] like a 5-year-old artist.”

“I have been into dark chocolate lately and there is a sea salt that I really like,” admits Clark. “I have bars stacked up in my pantry. I only eat one square at a time but it is nice to have. It saves you from having a giant bowl of ice cream.”

“I do like ice cream as well. I have a few pints of Ben & Jerry’s for sure.”

Clark likes to make tortilla soup. “It is pretty easy to make with diced up tomatoes, chicken broth, some tomato soup, corn and beans. You can make a pretty healthy soup." In terms of pantry staples, “I always have pancake mix, oatmeal, the kind of soups that you can buy in the cartons these days, quinoa and chocolate chips for those pancake days.”

“I work with a dietian and I let her know all of the things that I have the ability to cook and she tells me how to ‘healthy’ them up a little bit. If I’m having eggs in the morning, she switches it up to be an egg white omelet with spinach and peppers. I try to make my meals as colorful as I can to make sure I’m getting enough of everything.”

“Leading up to competitions again I have such a high output with my activity during the day, I am eating frequently and I’m eating as healthy as I can. My schedule gets a little crazy and I find that if I don’t have stuff at home I’ll eat out. Simply making the time to get the food doesn’t always happen, but if it’s in my fridge, I’m more likely to eat it.“


While Olympic snowboarder and Vermont native Kelly Clark may feel most at home on the slopes, she also has a rich history in the kitchen. She's not only constantly fueling up on power foods for training, but she also grew up living above a restaurant owned by her parents. "It worked out well for us; we could always go and eat," jokes the snowboarder.

Now, the gold medalist takes us into her own kitchen, sharing what she eats while training and how she keeps herself away from ice cream cravings.

Check out the slideshow above for a peek into the Olympian's kitchen.

Follow Clark in Sochi! If she wins, she may have a steak dinner, her favorite celebration food.

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