Infamous Food Spills

Infamous Food Spills
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Infamous Food Spills

Food spills have occurred all over the world for hundreds of years. Things like molasses, beer or flour can spill and even cause death.

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Beer Spill In London

In 1814 a 22 foot beer storage tank ruptured and caused the other tanks to burst. This resulted in 388,333 gallons of beer flooding a tenement building in London. Seven people died in the disaster.

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Molasses Spill In Hawaii

Recently 233,000 gallons of molasses spilled into Hawaiian waters. Even though molasses isn't toxic it does suffocate the sea life.

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Beer Spill In California

In 2005 a tractor trailer transporting beer tipped over after some tire damage. The truck crashed into a minivan and flipped over causing the vehicle to break open. Broken bottles and beer covered the highway, but no one was seriously injured.

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Molasses Spill In Mexico

In July, molasses spilled into a Mexican river, which resulted in the deaths of thousand of fish.

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Ketchup Spill In Nevada

Recently in Nevada a ketchup truck tried to avoid another car and slammed into a bridge. Snow plows were needed to clear away the 20 tons of ketchup that had spilled.

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Molasses Spill In Boston

In 1919, a 58-foot tank of molasses burst in downtown Boston. The spill released 2.2 million gallons of syrup on to Commercial Street. The 30 foot molasses wave tore through a nearby neighborhood at 35 miles per hour, which killed 21 people and injured 150. The damages added up to 1 million dollars, which is equal to approximately 12.5 million now.

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Yogurt Spill In New York

In 2012, a tractor trailer slide off an embankment and spilled 36,000 pounds pounds of Greek yogurt. The local authorities determined that the driver had been speeding when he reached the curve.

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Yeast Spill In England

In 2011 an English highway had to be shut down when 20 metric tons of yeast spilled. The Environmental Agency assisted with the clean up so that the yeast would not contaminate nearby waters.

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Syrup Spill In Ohio

Last June a tractor trailer spilled pancake syrup all over the highway. Ironically this spill occurred at the "Buttermilk Pike" overpass and the authorities said it was "A royal pain in the butt" to clean up.

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Egg Spill In China

In China last year a car crash spilled 770 pounds of raw eggs.

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Flour Spill In Minnesota

In 1874 the Washburn "A" Mil was the largest flour making facility in America. Sadly on May 12, 1878 some grain grinding stoned sparked and ignited particles of flour and dust in the air, which caused a massive explosion. 18 people were killed and the fire spread to six neighboring mills.

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Cheese Spill In Norway

Last year, a truck filled with goat cheese caught fire in Norway. No one was injured during the fire, but the flames lasted for days. It took the firefighters four days to put out the fire. Turns out, the Norwegian cheese 'brunost' is prepared in a way that makes it very flammable.

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Molasses Spill In Taiwan

In August of 1999, storage tanks filled with molasses spilled into a sink hole opened by an earthquake.

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Bread Spill In California

In December 2001 the California Highway Patrol reported that a bread truck and a garbage truck had collided early in the morning leaving loaves of bread thrown across the freeway.

Flour And Margarine Spill In The Alps

In the summer of 1965 a truck carrying flour collided with a truck carrying margarine. The vehicles crashed in a tunnel that runs beneath the Alps, so when the trucks burst into flames the tunnel trapped the other cars. Only 12 people out of 50 survived.

Baked Goods Spill In Illinois

A truck transporting frozen baked goods and bratwurst spilled 20 tons of food on I-74 in October 2011. The accident left chocolate cake, doughnuts and cinnamon rolls all over the highway. The authorities closed the road for seven and a half hours to clean.

Beer Spill In Canada

In 2005, a truck made a sudden turn and flipped over. The accident spilled 2,184 crates of beer on to the Mississauga highway in Ontario.

Fish Spill In Ireland

In January 2012, a truck spilled 20 tons of makerel on to a field. The piles of fish were two feet deep in some areas.

Beer Spill In Germany

In Germany thousands of beer bottles spilled and blocked the road for several hours. The beer bottles were en route to pubs and bars in Munich.

Ice Cream Spill In Indiana

18,000 kilograms of ice cream spilled out of a semitrailer causing the closure of two lanes in December of 2011. Authorities say that the truck was trying to enter the interstate highway and tipped over spilling cartons of vanilla, caramel crunch and other flavors on to the road.

Beer Spill In Canada

Recently a beer truck spilled its contents on to the highway in Manitoba. Highway 10 was closed as crews attempted to clean up the mess.


When most people think of tragic spills, oil-infested marine life comes to mind. Oil spills cause a huge environmental problem, but did you know food spills can also cause a significant amount of harm? In fact, food spills have occurred all over the world throughout history. Food spills can cause significant amounts of damage to towns, roads and bodies of water. Some food spills have even been fatal.

Check out the slideshow above for the worst food spills from around the world.

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