This Iconic Halloween Candy Has Been Around For Over A Century

If Halloween were to be represented by an object, it would, no doubt, be the pumpkin, but if there is one candy that perfectly encapsulates the Halloween spirit in one small, sugary dose, it is the candy corn.

With its distinctive and festive color triptych, involving jack-o'-lantern orange, the candy corn fits perfectly into the classic Halloween aesthetic.The candy is also undeniable tasty and at a remarkably small size, it's not hard to eat them by the handful!

Still, there is so much more to these sweet treats than meets the eye. Did you know that this ubiquitous Halloween sweet has been around for over a century? The candy corn has had quite a legacy in American history and the technology needed to create the treat was considered innovative for its time.

Check out the slideshow above for the impressive history of candy corn. Then, learn about other companies made in America at This Built America!

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