Iconic Food Scenes from Classic Films

Iconic Food Scenes from Classic Films
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Iconic Food Scenes from Classic Films

These movies are high quality in story, character and especially food.

The Godfather

Generally considered to be one of the best movies ever made by audiences and critics alike, The Godfather also knew the importance of good food. Whether coining phrases like “Leave the gun, take the cannolis” or teaching young gangsters how to make a great tomato sauce, the film tells an incredible tale, touches on hugely important themes and is filled with several memorable meals along the way.

Image Credit: Moviepix

Annie Hall

Woody Allen definitely gets comedy, but in Annie Hall, he also showed us that he understands the beauty of memory in an appropriately sentimental way, thanks to the iconic lobster scene with Diane Keaton.

Image Credit: Moviepix via United Artist

Pulp Fiction

Most people remember the dance scene from Pulp Fiction, but many forget that this iconic boogie takes place in an old-fashioned diner! That $5 shake looked pretty delicious...

Image Credit: Movie Pix via Hulton Archive/Handout


This list would be incomplete without Martin Scorsese’s wise guy masterpiece, Goodfellas. Prison for wise guys was filled with home-cooked meals including a pasta course followed by a meat or fish dish.

Image Credit: Moviepix via Archive Photos/Stringer Collection

Raging Bull

Making a steak right is important to Jake LaMotta. In his own wise words, "You overcook it, it's no good. It defeats its own purpose." Jake's preference is further proof that Scorsese cares about what his characters like to eat!

Image Credit: Movie Pix via United Artist/Handout

Cool Hand Luke

Prison food makes another appearance on this list in the form of the famous — and unpleasant — scene in Cool Hand Luke, where Paul Newman attempts to eat 50 eggs in a hour. We'll pass on the experience.

Image Credit: Moviepix via Archive Photos/Stringer

Willy Wonka

If ever there was a reason to serve candy at the movies, Willy Wonka is it! Touring through Mr. Wonka's magical factory is one prolonged — albeit, imaginative — visit to a candy store. It also highlighted the importance a good old fashioned chocolate bar.

Image Credit: Moviepix via Michael Ochs Archives/Handout

My Dinner with Andre

This film takes place at one dinner and perfectly represents how life can be told over a meal with an old friend.

Image Credit: Moviepix via Michael Ochs Archives/Handout

Lady and the Tramp

Let’s ignore that fact that dogs probably shouldn’t be enjoying pasta, but that noodle brought these two pups together. That’s amore!

Image Credit: Disney ABC Television Group via Disney Junior/Contributor


Nothing says commitment to boxing like drinking raw eggs and running to “Eye of the Tiger.” At least he didn't have to pull a Cool Hand Luke...

Image Credit: Archive Photos via Hulton Archive/Stringer

Fried Green Tomatoes

One of the central stories in Fried Green Tomatoes centers around a Southern cafe. As you can imagine, the food is incredibly appetizing, especially when the two protagonists have a great time throwing food at each other.

Image Credit: Archive Photos via Moviepix

The Apartment

In a touching scene in The Apartment, Baxter (Jack Lemmon) a perennially lonely bachelor, makes pasta for Fran (Shirley MacLaine) with a tennis racquet! Even though she's been seeing his boss, Fran finds Baxter is someone she can rely on.

Image Credit: Silver Screen Collection via Moviepix

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Never have mashed potatoes looked so uncanny. The ordinary dish becomes one more way for Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfus) to display his obsession with UFOs.

Image Credit: Archive Photos via Moviepix

Reservoir Dogs

This Tarantino classic opens in a diner, where the colorful crew discusses the merits of tipping.

Image Credit: Hulton Archive via Moviepix

When Harry Met Sally

Katz's Deli probably as famous for its appearance in When Harry Met Sally as it is for its delicious sandwiches! Sally's (Meg Ryan) picky eating habits were also crucial to her character.

Image Credit: Brad Barket via Getty Images Entertainment


Since the Oscars are fast approaching, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the iconic meals and foods that appeared in classic films. From famous scenes with spaghetti and steak to moments with candy and lobster, it's no wonder these films are so beloved!

Check out the slideshow above for the most memorable food moments in classic films.

Check out a delicious Oscar cocktail from our friends at Style Me Pretty Living.

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