How Wolfgang Puck Got Healthy

How Wolfgang Puck Got Healthy
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How Wolfgang Puck Got Healthy

Read on to learn how Wolfgang Puck stays healthy.

Drinking Wine

Wolfgang loves wine, and says he used to drink 8 to 10 glasses a week. "In Europe, it is totally normal for you to have wine with dinner, and people there live just as long," Wolfgang says.

But his doctor thinks it's still a little too much. "Now, instead of opening a whole bottle of wine, I open a half bottle," Wolfgang says. "I don't want to tell anyone not to drink wine. I love it too much, it would be boring."

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Drinking Water

"We always drink plain flat water," Wolfgang says. "[My kids] never sit down and say, 'Can we have a [soda]?' or anything like that, because we don't have it. I think for the kids, it is important to not have things in the house that you don't think are good for them."

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Eating Less Chocolate

"I love chocolate, and people know that. They always bring me really good chocolate," Wolfgang says.

He admits that he'll eat it until it's gone, so to avoid temptation, he chooses to give it away to others. "I say, 'You know, do me a favor and take this home, this is the best chocolate.' I like it, but I can't eat just one," Wolfgang admits.

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Fewer Sweets At Home

Wolfgang is also a big fan of macarons, so he tries to keep them out of the house. "We don't have a lot of sweets at home," he explains. "We have sorbets in the freezer from the restaurant, berries and mangos when they are in season, and apples, [or] whatever we get from the farmers market. There is nothing else in the house."

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Drinking Real Juice

"We buy a 25-pound bag of oranges every Sunday and we make juice from 8 or 10 oranges every day, so it is always fresh," Wolfgang says.

Now his sons are so used to the fresh taste, that if the juice is even a day old they say they don't like it. "They are used to having the fresh-squeezed orange juice. It has a different flavor. It isn't that I want them to be spoiled at all; it's that I want them to appreciate," he says.

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Controlling Portion Size

Wolfgang recognizes that reducing his protein portion size is key. "If I go to Cut with my wife, we might order three appetizers and an eight-ounce steak and we cut it in half which is four ounces. I know I probably could eat more, but I'm fine with it, and then I feel better. It should be about quality, not quantity."

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Eating Whole Wheat

"For pasta or bread, we use whole wheat," Wolfgang says. "If I'm making a panini for my kids, we always use whole wheat bread, not white bread."

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Counting Calories

Wolfgang admits that seeing how many calories went into different dishes impacted his perception of food. He says that counting calories is easy to do with a computer, and it's enlightening. "All of the sudden you think, 'I didn't know this salad has 500 calories! How did that happen?' If you add all the oil to the vinegar and you put enough dressing on, it is crazy," Wolfgang explains.

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Offering Different Options in His Restaurants

"We have a vegan menu in every restaurant," Wolfgang says. Patrons even have the option to order off of a vegan menu at his restaurant Cut, which is a modern steakhouse.

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Swapping in Yogurt

"What I do a lot is use low-fat yogurt," Wolfgang reveals. "[I've made] a cilantro mint vinaigrette for 30 years at Chinois. We make it in the blender: We put cashew nuts, egg yolks, honey, cilantro, mint and rice wine vinegar, add oil to it to thicken it, and basically it is light mayonnaise. But now, instead of adding oil, I just started with the yogurt. It tastes good, so it's not a problem. With certain things like lamb, it goes very well."

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Preparing His Own Salad Dressings

Many think ordering a salad is healthy, but most forget how many calories are in the dressings. "What I do now with salads is, instead of a vinaigrette, I have it separated. My kids love balsamic vinegar, so we always have good balsamic vinegar, and then I'll just put a little oil on top, so I know exactly how much it is. When you have one of these combined vinaigrettes, you never know," Wolfgang says.

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Keeping A Flavorful Pantry

Wolfgang likes to stock up on good spices to add flavor to his meals. "I might make my own curry powder because I like it spicy," he says. "I always have ginger in the house. If I'm making vegetables, I always [add] a little ginger, garlic and scallions to it to give it a lot of flavor. I always have good balsamic vinegar, good olive oil, and good sea salt."

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Like a true European, Wolfgang Puck enjoys his wine. He has a love for chocolate and macarons too. But the chef knows that to be healthy and stay fit, he has to eat all of these things in moderation.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how Wolfgang Puck, author of the new cookbook Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy, stays healthy while continuing to enjoy his favorite dishes.

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