How Wendy's Is Shaking Up Its Menu

How Wendy's Is Shaking Up Its Menu
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How Wendy's Is Shaking Up Its Menu

Read on to learn more about Wendy's customizable menu.

The customizable menu will allow customers to choose their own protein, bun, cheese, toppings and custom sauces.

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Of the proteins, Wendy's will offer one to three burger patties or chicken that is home-style or grilled. The bun options include their signature pretzel bun and the cheese options include American, asiago, cheddar, blue cheese crumbles or cheddar cheese sauce. Customers can also pick custom sauces like asiago ranch or garlic aoili.

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This new menu addition comes at a time when the customizable trend has spread. Chipotle jumped on the "build your own" style of lunch a long time ago, and it's being reported that McDonald's is also working on customizable burgers.

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Last year, Wendy's caused a lot of excitement when they came out with their pretzel bacon cheeseburger, and this new addition to their menu is sure to stir up the same thrill.

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Frozen yogurt has also helped to popularize the customizable food trend. Stores throughout the country let customers select their own flavors and toppings and often serve themselves.

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Get excited, Wendy's fans! The fast food chain is testing an exciting new item for its menu: a build your own burger. Wendy's currently has a "build your sandwich" program in two locations, which allows customers to further customize their meals to their liking.

This customizable option comes at a time when more and more youngsters expect products to be exactly the way they want. Craig Bahner, Wendy's Chief Marketing Officer told USA Today, "Millennials are used to having things their way. We totally accommodate. We want them to have the product they want."

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about this big change that may be coming to a Wendy's near you.

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