How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Chefs?

How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Chefs?
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How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Chefs?

How well do you know your favorite chef? Test your wits with our trivia questions!

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Which celebrity chef, known as much for his catch phrases as his Cajun-style cooking, gave up a music scholarship to pursue the culinary arts?

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Emeril Lagasse's drum-playing talent earned him a full ride to the New England Conservatory of Music.

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Which Iron Chef asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas as a young boy?

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Bobby Flay did get his toy oven (along with a G.I. Joe) from his parents that Christmas.

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Which pork-loving chef wanted to name his cookbook The Hog is a Magical Animal against his publisher's wishes?

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Michael Symon's written homage to meat ended up being named Carnivore.

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Which Internet sensation has a city-girl-gone-country memoir that's currently being developed into a motion picture?

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Ree Drummond's blog From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels was acquired by Sony Pictures in 2010, and Reese Witherspoon might play the starring role!

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Which "culinary rock star" started his career selling soft pretzels off his three-wheeled bike cart as a kid?

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Guy Fieri sold his twisted treats off the aptly named "The Awesome Pretzel" at the young age of 10.

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Which celebrity chef recently shook up her signature spiky blonde tresses with a daring pink faux-hawk?

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Anne Burrell decided she needed "a little change on [her] birthday" after turning 44 last year.

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Celebrity chefs are known for their culinary prowess, but what do you now about their lives outside of the kitchen? Challenge yourself with our fun trivia questions about your favorite chefs! From hidden talents to childhood dreams, these little-known fun facts might surprise you.

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