How This U.S. Company's Olive Oil Competes With the Best

California Olive Ranch is headed up by Gregg Kelley, a man who left his successful career in tech to run one of the United States' only olive oil companies. The company has had to use a certain type of technology to create a product that can compete with many of the best in the world, and the result is olive oil that's not just high-quality—it's also inexpensive.

Kelley says that to create olive oil that was good and reasonably priced, the company had to change the way it grew and harvested the olives themselves. In a This Built America feature highlighting the company, Kelley explains that this method is called "super high density." Growing the olives this way means planting them as hedges that are trained to grow up very high, instead of branching out sideways.

"These trees are self-pollinating, they grow a specific olive and there's no cross-pollination. We have this unbelievable tree producing fruit for us," head miller Bob Singletary explains.

To learn more about the company from CEO Gregg Kelley, watch the This Built America video above, and to see executive chef of Saxon + Parole Brad Farmerie discuss The California Olive Ranch, check out the AOL BUILD video below!

Image Credit: Man Made Content

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