How to Tent a Turkey

How to Tent a Turkey

What is Tenting

Tenting is an easy technique to prevent over-browning. The foil reflects the heat so that the skin does not burn and the turkey can continue to cook.

How to Tent a Turkey Using Foil

Fold a sheet of aluminum foil in the center, fan it open into a tent shape and place it over the turkey. It's important to make sure there is room between the tent and the turkey for circulation. Tuck the ends along the sides of the pan to keep it in place, but leave a side slightly open to allow the steam to escape.

When to Tent a Turkey

You can choose to tent a turkey during the beginning of the roasting period and remove the tent for the last 30 to 45 minutes for browning, or you can wait until the turkey reaches a golden brown color before adding a tent of foil.

Don't tent the turkey for the entire cooking time, or it will take longer to cook the turkey.