How to Stay Healthy at Every Age

How to Stay Healthy at Every Age
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How to Stay Healthy at Every Age

Read on to learn more about staying healthy at every age.

Making a Change

"When I was in my mid-50s, I used to go skiing. We were at Telluride and I had to stop going down to breathe and I was so out of shape. The next day, my legs were hurting; everything was hurting. So I said, 'if I continue like that, by the time I'm 65, I won't be able to do anything. I have to look a little more at what I eat and start exercising.' It made me feel so much better," Wolfgang admits.

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Keep it Convenient

Wolfgang does all of his exercises in his living room. If he is traveling, he has a routine he can do in a hotel room. There is no need to even go downstairs to a gym!

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Make a Routine

"[I do] a circle of exercises: leg lifts, crunches, kick boxing, rope jumping, stretching, push ups and lifting weights," he says.

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Start Small

"At the beginning, it is never easy. You have to be smart and start small — not try to do 25 push-ups, if you never do push-ups, or crunches or anything. [When] jumping rope, do a minute if you've never done it. If you are 12 years old, it's ok but if you are 60 it's different. You have to start low and build up resistance. The exercise I do now, I could not have done it 6 years ago, not even close. Not even the flexibility. I could not even put my leg up. It really changed my life for the better," Wolfgang explains.

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Watch Your Intake

"When you exercise really hard, you think more about what you eat. I started to cut down on sweets, I never was a big meat eater; cheese and bread are my weaknesses," Wolfgang admits.

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Make It Count

"It is easier for me to play tennis than to exercise, but I know when I play tennis, I don't get the same exercise as when I do [my routine]. Why? Because tennis is mainly the legs. The heart rate never stays high unless you play competitive tennis where you might really sweat. I exercise up to 20 minutes and I start to sweat," he says.

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Get Energized

"When I decided to do the book, I told the publisher, 'I want to put the exercise in there too.' They didn't really want to at the beginning, and I said, 'then I don't do the book,'" he shares.

"It isn't just about losing weight -- even though I lost 25 pounds too -- but it is about being in shape and being healthy. You get so much energy. I know so many people at that age - if they don't do anything, you can see how they walk," Wolfgang explains, "I think exercise gives you a lot of positive energy."

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Exercise and healthy eating have become essential parts of Wolfgang Puck's life. After realizing that he'd gotten out of shape around 10 years ago, he made a pledge to start working out and eating better. Now, in his 60s, Wolfgang is able to do things that he couldn't in his 50s. Wolfgang shares his journey in his new book, Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy. He's a great source of inspiration for anyone who wants to start a fitness routine and improve his or her diet at any age.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how Wolfgang Puck turned his health around.

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