How to Rid your Kitchen of Cooking Odors Instantly

How to Rid your Kitchen of Cooking Odors Instantly
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How to Rid your Kitchen of Cooking Odors Instantly

Cook the most potent foods without having to worry about an unpleasant lingering cooking smell with these simple tips.

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Cinnamon Sticks

According to TheKitchn, a pot of boiling water and one or two sticks of cinnamon creates a great perfume to cover up stinky cooking odors.

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Baking Soda

Combine a few tablespoons of baking soda with water in a crock pot and turn it on low. Keep the cover off and odors will simply disappear, according to Stephanie O'dea of Make it Fast, Cook it Slow.

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Add lemon juice or slices of lemon to water. Boil the combination and then let it simmer. The acidic substance can take on the most potent of aromas such as that of burnt foods, according to Safe Natural Tips.

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Use Your Vented Hood

Help stop your cooking odor problem before it starts by always using the vented hood on your stove while cooking. The addition of an open window never hurt in keeping the air circulating in your kitchen.

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Cleanse your Kitchen

Don't wait to take care of dirty pots and pans that you used in preparing the meal. Wash or soak these items right away as they can contribute to lingering odors, according to Metro Brokers. Similarly, put extra food in containers and into the refrigerator and take out garbage immediately.

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Freshly Baked Cookies

We all know the alluring aroma that results from a batch of freshly baked cookies. Not surprisingly, according to Metro Brokers, baking cookies can cover up unpleasant cooking scents. Plus, you have the added bonus of a great dessert!

These delicious Milk & Cookies Bakery Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies should do the trick.

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Mix vinegar with a teaspoon of imitation vanilla and place it near the stove while you prepare the meal to soak up the smells coming from food.

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According to the Salt Institute, salt can limit odors caused by burnt food spills in the oven. Simply sprinkle some salt on food splatters while the oven is still hot.

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Coffee Beans

Place coffee beans in a dish in your kitchen or toast them on the stove. Not only will they absorb odors but they smell great.

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When hosting a dinner party, lingering odors from long hours of cooking in the kitchen can be an issue. Cooking odors from fish, onion, garlic, burnt foods and fried foods can last especially long. From the wonders of vinegar to the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked cookies, try out these quick fixes to help eliminate cooking odors.

View the slideshow above to learn simple tricks to a better-smelling kitchen.

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