How to Quickly Mince Garlic and Ginger

How to Quickly Mince Garlic and Ginger

Garlic and ginger are wonderful flavors for so many dishes. Ginger tastes delicious in vinaigrettes and marinades, while garlic enhances the taste of fish, chicken and pasta—and almost anything else you could enjoy for dinner! It's safe to say that if you love to cook, you will most likely run into one of these ingredients at one point or another. The one problem with these delightful flavors is that sometimes they can be difficult to properly mince. Many people find that their garlic and ginger turn out more "chopped" than actually minced when a recipe calls for it. The good news is that this problem is easily solved!

Try using a microplane to mince garlic and ginger. The microplane makes mincing simple and fun. First things first: Break the head of garlic by pushing your palms into it and peel back the papery shell of the garlic. Then, grate the garlic on the microplane. The great thing about this technique is that it will give all the garlic a uniform shape.

To mince the ginger, first start by peeling it. Use a spoon to peel away the outer skin of the ginger. Once all the brown skin is removed, grate the ginger on the microplane. Ginger is more fibrous than garlic, so you will have to apply more pressure. Tap the ginger into a jar to remove it from the microplace, then you can easily make a vinaigrette with it!

Watch the video above to learn how to quickly mince garlic and ginger (and how to use them)!

Image Credit: Martha Stewart