How To Pick the Right Bread for a Sandwich

How To Pick the Right Bread for a Sandwich
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Sometimes, only a sandwich will do. Pasta seems too complicated, meat too fussy and begging needily for side dishes, and eggs...well, that was last night.

The sandwich, however, is deceptive in its simplicity. It seems easy -- bread, fillings, eat -- but the 'wich actually requires a complex balance of textures and flavors. (Which is probably why they are such a hot topic for debate.) Have you ever had a burger with a too-crusty bun, or a multi-layered hero on thin slices of storebought something-or-other? Then you know the subtle tragedy of having chosen the wrong bread for the sandwich at hand.

The cardinal rule of sandwich-making (and often the most difficult to master) is that textures need to work together, side by side. Most people take this very seriously with fillings, and then leave the bread by the wayside. (Rookie mistake.) Choosing the right bread rests firmly in your control -- it just takes some basic knowledge and a bit of creativity. Luckily, we've sliced things down by bread type to ensure that you're fully prepared for sandwich domination.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how to pick the right bread for a sandwich.

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