How to Perfectly Crack an Egg with One Hand

How to Perfectly Crack an Egg with One Hand

Sure, you have mastered the art of cracking an egg perfectly, but can you do it one-handed? It's actually pretty easy to crack an egg with one hand. You just have to understand the design of the egg.

Did you know eggshells are actually pretty strong? The strongest points of the egg are on the top and the bottom. That's why a hen can sit on an egg without breaking it. The most vulnerable part of the egg is the middle, which is where you should ultimately aim to crack it.

You can practice cracking an egg one-handed with a quarter and ping pong balls. Hold one ball with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Place the other ball in the ring finger and pinky and press it against your palm. Then, sandwich the quarter in between the balls. Practice holding the quarter between the balls and then releasing it.

Once you're ready, apply the action to an actual egg. Hold the egg in one hand and crack the middle of it against the side of a bowl. Once the crack is significant enough, separate the shell with your hand and let the egg white and yolk slide out. Now, trying doing this with with an egg in each hand!

Watch the video above to learn how to crack an egg perfectly with one hand.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed